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Triton Farms has been in the cattle business for almost a century, and we have worked with multiple breeds of cattle throughout the years. Our goal is to produce outstanding cattle, and we work hard towards that goal everyday.
    In 1925 Henry Hardtner James started the “Lone Oak Diary” on 290 acres of the old Lodi Plantation located in Alexandria , LA. He began his dairy with a small herd of Jersey cows and became recognized for his high quality product throughout the area. He was later joined in business by his son Edgar Keene James and together through genetics and Sudan grass, became pioneers in the dairy industry by being the first to produce 100lbs of milk per cow as compared to the average 36lbs.

In 1962, Edgar K. “Pat” James left the business, and with his wife Betty and their five children, received his PhD in Nutrition from Louisiana State University . After finishing his degree, Dr. James accepted a position as professor of Animal Husbandry at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette .
  It was there that I grew up with the Agriculture students, faculty, and Brahman Breeders in the area such as A. J. Marceaux, Sid Crouchet, Alphae Broussard, Reggie Cox and others.

Triton Farms is a joint venture with my wife Lisa and our three children, Kendall , Konner, and Kohl.  We have been reacquainted with many old friends and have made many new ones.

A very special thanks to Mr. Larry St. Cyr for his friendship and his many Pearls of Wisdom.

Our goal at Triton Farms is to produce Beef Bred Brahmans for today’s beef industry. By beginning with superior genetics, we are working to produce the highest performing, best valued genetics in the business.

Michael H. James
Thank you for your interest in Triton Farms. If we can help you with questions about our Brahman catle, or cattle in general, please give us a call. We love to hear from our costomers, and we are happy to help you however we can.

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