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Down On The Farm
Down On The Farm
Triton Farms is a family operated Brahman Cattle farm located in Lottie, Louisiana, where you will find a rich cattle heritage that remembers and honors the past and plays an active roll in the future of the breed. We are happy to share some of our favorite memories with you here, on our Farm photo gallery page.

First ST. Manso 25 Calf 223/7 Progeny and 294/3 Progeny
Our thanks to Tyler and the entire Braud family.
Get well soon Camille!
Camille Fry and Marie - A Christmas present for Dad!
  Sir Carmichael
"Snow in South Louisiana" James Chenevert, Dr. Mike
Strain, LA Commissioner of Agriculture, Mike James
Keith Sykes and Ms. Lulu "Gussie"
Keith and Jerene Sykes 294 Bull
JDH Sir Carmichael Manso 223/7 calf Mr. Henry 294/3 calf
  223/7 progeny at 1 month
JDH Sir Carmichael Manso progeny at 1 week of age JDH Sir Carmichael Manso 223/7 Heifer at 1 week of age
294/3 calf at 6 weeks of age
Konner & Nick Kohl waiting to show.
  Sir Carmichael Manso 223/7
and his best friend Andrea Salinas!

Kendall's calf went for a better view in the stands of the
State Show.

Sir Carmichael Manso with the James boys and the Salinas family.
Marcus Salinas and Sir Carmine
223/7's first bull calf.
Henry and 100
Mr. Henry's Progeny
JDH "Mr Henry" Manso 294/3 at 5 months
Konner relaxing with 294/3 - Mr. Henry
Kelvin and Margaret Maloney - our long lost relatives from down under!  
(the Murray Grey who started it all)
Thank you for your interest in Triton Farms. If we can help you with questions about our Brahman catle, or cattle in general, please give us a call. We love to hear from our costomers, and we are happy to help you however we can.

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